Anti-War and Anti-Imperialism Coalition Kit, Organizing Tools

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The New Anti-War Movement

Stop America’s Endless Wars

Demand Diplomacy and Peace


America’s endless wars are connected to so much damage: 

1) dependence on fossil fuels to serve corporate interests

2) exacerbates climate change which also exacerbates conflict

3) loss of human life, mass murder, and genocide

4) refugee crises

5) militarization of American law enforcement (used or surplus military equipment has to go somewhere), which effects Black Americans the most

6) inciting small scale violent conflicts all over the world (used or surplus military equipment has to go somewhere)

7) criminilzation and deportation of American citizens and residents;

8) class based recruitment that damages working class communities. 

Furthermore, lopsided federal spending has damaged America domestically in many ways. The Migrant Crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border is a result of America’s Endless Wars. Our infrastructure is decaying. The American Society of Civil Engineers has given America’s infrastructure a D+ in successive studies and reports. We are not prepared for disasters at home, while courting disasters abroad. Trump was told by the American Chamber of Commerce to make the Defense Industry his number one priority. The Defense industry is looting American public tax dollars at the expense of goods and services that Americans need.

1) Diverse coalition building to encourage the political ecology required for a massive anti-war movement.

2) Strategic protests locally and nationally. Anti-War Phone banking to elected officials (particularly the senate and congress).

3) Create and disseminate anti-war literature, zines, and event kits.

4) Fight investigations and criminalization of people who are from a country that America is at war with or fomenting war against.

5) Create and disseminate anti-war visuals and art including memes, posters, protest signs, videos, and short films.

6) Engage high school and college students. Fight New Draft. Engate teachers unions, school principals, and teachers. Partner with organizations that register young voters.

7) Follow the money: Which companies profit from war? Protest and boycott these companies.

8) Which elected officials promote war? Who donates to them to promote war? Create campaigns against these elected officials. Protest and boycott these companies.

9) Create an anti-war think tank.

10) Create a liaison group to address policy makers and legislators with our concerns and demands.