Call for Contributors

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Thanks for visiting our website. The first issue of Gidra was published 50 years ago in 1969. It was started by a group of Asian American students at UCLA. It ran for about 5 years. The name Gidra is based on King Ghidorah, a three-headed dragon-caterpillar known as one of Godzilla’s archenemies.

You can read more about Gidra here and read digitized archives on Densho.

The Return of Gidra is a platform for radical and progressive Asian American creatives. It is a space that affirms Asian identities, struggles, beauty, culture, food, and the everything that makes us who we are. This is a place for Asians to be badass. This is a platform to let the world know that Asian American radicals and progressives are loud, proud, and brash. All written submissions will be fact checked for accuracy by our editorial board and copy edited for clarity. Overall, we want to keep edits to a minimum.

Think of The Return of Gidra’s website as a magazine or a house with lots of rooms. The first issue will be published in approximately 3 months (August 2019) and it will also be a 50th anniversary issue with a big launch party.

Gidra 2.0 is multimedia and multigenre. Submissions can be visual (still or moving) and written. Written content can be in any genre. It can be a humorous piece, historical, argumentative essay, editorial, opinion, poem, personal essay, short story, or journalistic. F-bombs are allowed. Slurs are not.

We are organized as a horizontal hierarchy when it comes to content creation. We ask that your contributions adhere to our core values and mission.

Please email Gidrareturns AT gmail Dot Com

Let us know if you want to help with operations or if you want contribute content. Please click on upcoming issues for specifics.

On a related note, yes, there are a lot of East Asians involved in The Return of Gidra. The why of this seems so obvious that it doesn’t seem to need an explanation. Our current contributors simply reflect Asian American immigration history, demographics, and activism. The older contributors, the OG Asian American activists are usually Japanese American and Chinese American, specifically Cantonese. Korean Americans are in the middle. Then we have younger contributors who are Vietnamese American and Chinese American who come from Mandarin speaking families from the mainland or Taiwan. There’s another cycle of Cantonese and Southern Chinese heritage with even younger contributors. These age groups markers are not static either. They will change as we grow. We also have more mixed Asians among our younger contributors. What about South Asians? East Asian originated or dominated groups have a long history of allying with newer groups of Asian American activists. Asian Americans for Advancing Justice and Japanese American groups have allied themselves strongly with Muslim activists to fight Islamophobia. Various East Asian groups have allied with Southeast Asians regarding immigration and have also joined protests at The Border.

The onus is on you to become an activist. The onus is on you to contribute to Gidra. We are here for you with platforms, support, and resources.