Don’t Send Letters to The Editor, Send Letters to Writers: George Tyndall of USC is a Serial Sexual Predator against Asian Girls and Young Women

By Gidra Staff,

We felt strongly that USC and the YT-Stream Media did an exceedingly poor job of putting the spotlight on George Tyndall’s predatory behavior against Asian girls and women. We emailed writers and reporters directly including Matt Hamilton, the Pulitzer prize winning author of the L.A. Times investigative series on USC, USC’s Student Health Services, and George Tyndall.

“Dear Matt, Congratulations on winning the Pulitzer. Well done! However, we feel that your series is unfinished. Tyndall’s depravity and near lifelong sexually predatory behavior against Asian girls and young Asian women hasn’t been emphasized nearly enough.”

We want headlines! Two weeks after receiving our emails, Tyndall’s case blew open again.

The following court documents were also released on May 23, 2019

We still haven’t heard back from Dr. Sarah Van Orman. Regardless, she’s going to keep hearing from us.

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