Dr. Sarah Van Orman’s Cover-Up of George Tyndall, Serial Sexual Predator of Asian Girls and Young Asian Women. The Women of USC Who Protect George Tyndall

By Tiffanie Ma

Hello Dr. Sarah Van Orman,

We are still waiting for a response from you for our email dated May 17, 2019.

We asked the LA Times to help us obtain USC’s secret records of George Tyndall’s case.  We also contacted all the other media companies who finally wrote about George Tyndall’s depraved appetite for Asian girls and young Asian women. Using the term “Asian students” makes them ageless and sexless. It neuters them and erases their experiences as girls and very young women.

“The experts came back with a disturbing report saying there was evidence Dr. George Tyndall was preying on vulnerable Asian students and had signs of “psychopathy.

We want to revisit your quote again. Why did you claim that there was no reason to suspect George Tyndall targeted Asian students? Did you think Asian Americans would not read your quote? Do you think that we’re stupid? Do you think that we can’t comprehend English? Or are you grossly incompetent and negligent?

George Tyndall claims that he targeted Asian girls and young Asian women “because of our culture”. BULLSHIT. Tyndall targeted Asian girls and young Asian women at USC precisely because he knew that USC would protect him. Asian girls and young women complained again and again to USC.

USC protected Tyndall again and again and again for almost three decades. USC protected him to the very end with a generous payout and no push for criminal charges. Quite the contrary, Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey graduated from USC’s law school. She and USC’s interim president, Wanda Austin, have time to cozy up to each other and USC. They’re both Uncle Tom’s.

You, Dr. Sarah Van Orman, protected Tyndall with your lies. You acted as a handmaid to Tyndall’s depraved appetite for harming and molesting Asian girls and young Asian women.

You, Dr. Sarah Van  Orman, are acting like a domestic servant in the house of white patriarchy that is USC. You’re trying your very best to clean up after the messy sexist and racist boys. You’re helping to perpetuate rape culture against Asian girls and young Asian women at USC.

You, Dr. Sarah Von Orman, are the mistress of the great house of white patriarchy who helped keep Asian girls and young Asian women as forced bed wenches for George Tyndall by invisiblizing us and muffling our voices. The fact of the matter is that Asian girls and young Asian women complained to USC for decades.

You, Dr. Sara Van Orman, are acting like the grand dame of the great house of white patriarchy by dressing the drapery to hide USC’s complicity with Dr. Tyndall for almost THREE DECADES.
We want to know why you think this one old, criminal white man is worth more than the hundreds of girls and young women he molested? Are the lives of Asian girls and young Asian women mere stepping stones in your career? Do we not matter at all in your machinations to sit adjacent to white men? Are we less than zero in your grand scheme to perpetuate white male supremacy? Do you only hear the voices of those who cut your paycheck and give you promotions so that you can lie and pretend for them?




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