Get Lacey Off Tyndall’s Case, and Out of the DA’s Office

Jackie Lacey is on the side of the powerful, not the weak. Asian Americans in Los Angeles have good reason to join Black Lives Matter in saying #ByeJackie.

The most galling thing about the George Tyndall case, aside from his sheer number of victims and how long he was allowed to prey on Asian women, is the fact that he’s still not in fucking jail. That’s right: Dr. George Tyndall, who allegedly (do we have to say “allegedly” still if the lawsuit with his ex-employer is settled?) molested hundreds of women in his role as the only gynecologist at USC, is still walking free among the people without a care in the world. Sure, an LAPD investigation has been opened, and a few LAPD personnel are theoretically going to be concerned about Asian women who suffered from unspeakable medical abuse at the hands of a serial predator. But will there be charges?

To answer that question, you’d have to ask the DA of Los Angeles, Jackie Lacey, but please wait a few minutes. She’s in a very important meeting with the interim president of USC, Wanda Austin.

Jackie may be a part of the #TrojanFamily, but it seems like she only has time for those members who will give her clout. She’ll leap at the chance to be seen with USC’s president, but Tyndall’s survivors? The ones who have tried to talk to her again and again about the impact of his actions and why he needs to be charged? Not a fucking peep. She won’t even meet with them.

Imagine being sexually assaulted by a trusted professional at your university, then discovering that not only did he target you because of your race, but he’s had hundreds of victims over three decades. Then imagine that the DA happens to be an alumna from your university, but she’s more concerned about snapping up Vaunted Alumna™ points than having a little empathy for the students who got PTSD instead of a photo op with the president.

Make no mistake: the powerful in Los Angeles are giving lip service to the pain of our sisters because of the sheer scale of the atrocity, but they don’t actually care about us. They are happy to plaster over us with stereotypes of docile Orientals who don’t make too much of a fuss when their bodily autonomy is violated, who don’t know English, who don’t deserve to be seen. They would be more than happy to leave their collective guilt behind, allowing Tyndall’s abuses to fall into the ash heap of LA’s countless crimes while the perpetrator himself gets to live out the rest of his life in comfort and peace. Everyone wants to invoke the model minority to scold other black and brown people, but when we demand justice for ourselves? Crickets.

Of course, this apathy for survivors is nothing new for anyone who knows DA Jackie Lacey. She’s never given a shit about making things right. Just ask the organizers of Black Lives Matter LA and their allies, who have tried to get her to prosecute cops who kill community members since she took office in 2013. In that time, she’s had the opportunity to prosecute in over 500 cases—and she has brought charges on none of them. That’s right: in the city with the deadliest police force in the country, our district attorney is on the side of the cops. No wonder the LAPD is so trigger happy. Why hesitate when there are literally no consequences to your behavior?

Lacey’s troubling anti-survivor bias has already prompted the lawyer representing many of Tyndall’s victims to ask that the state prosecutor, AG Xavier Becerra, take the lead on the case. But this cannot be enough for those of us who care about justice. We’ve had ample proof over the years that our DA is not truly on the side of the people, and it’s time for her to go. She is a willing cog in a machine that allows our police to get away with murder again and again. She is more loyal to the slaughter than she is to us.

We stand with Black Lives Matter: Los Angeles and their struggle to be seen by our city. #JackieLaceyMustGo!

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