Gidra Multi-Media Coming Soon

We are still accepting submissions for our third print issue “Asian American in The Time of Covid-19” The deadline is mid July. The them for the third print issue is “Racism and Asian Americans”, the submission deadline September.

Our first non-print project is going to be a podcast out of our South Central LA office. We will have a lot of guests, in particular BIPOC organizers who work intergenerationally. Long time residents of Los Angeles and other cities in America.

Some of the topics, subjects, and events we will cover are:

  1. 1992: Uprising in South Central and Rioting/looting in Koreatown (this event will be discussed over several podcasts with members of various communities who lived in Los Angeles at the time

2) The term “Asian American”

  1. What does the term mean to you personally?
  2. What do you think are the positive aspects of the term?
  3. What do you think are the negative aspects of the term?

Responses should be no longer than a page

3) Inter-ethnic and multi-ethnic coalition building

4) Anti-Blackness among specific groups. Asian American is not a specific group

5) Latinidad and inter-ethnic coalition building

6) In group issues, problems, troublemakers

7) “Black Child First” Manual Arts and STEAM education initiative for low income children

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