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Update 2/04/2020 You can also Pre-order the upcoming March 2020 print issue “Asian Americans and Blackness in America”. Please make a note on the order form if you want single issues or a subscription.

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We got a write up in Los Angeles Magazine! We’ve been invited to speak at an Asian American literature class at UCLA. Copies of Gidra are in UCLA’s Special Collections Library. Updated: We’ve also been invited to speak at UCLA’s Asian Movement Class.

Our first print issue is ready! You can use the order form above. “Gidra Returns: 50th Anniversary Issue and 50 Years of Asian American” filled with 8 decades and 100 pages of growing up Asian American even before the term was even coined. We begin with Mo Nishida as a very young child in Manzanar during World War II and end with a story about Chinese American transnational, transracial adoptee.

Our first print was to create prototypes and it was also a cry for help! We have help. We need a little more help. There are about 15 of us who work on the print issue and about 20 of us who work on the website and social media. Our second run was much more successful. We found our groove!

Table of Contents

Dec 2019 – Gidra 50th Anniversary Table of Contents – First Issue

Introduction/Dear Reader page 1
Mission Statement and Core Values page 4
Support Gidra page 5
Interview with Mo Nishida  1940-50s     transcribed and edited by Lynn Wang page 6
East Wind: Progressive Chinese American Voice 1940s-60s      by Eddie Wong & Steve Louie        page 13
Lawrence Kiyoshi Shinoda 1930-1997 by Jen Wu  page 28

Organizing as a Salt 1970s by David Monkawa  page 34
Growing Up Korean American 1970s-1980s by Susan Park page 39
Minnesota, A Mixed-Bag Of Nuts 1980s-1990s  by Dat Dang page 51
”Peace”-Family Story 1980s-2010s by Anonymous page 62
Missing Piece Project  1975-2019 by Kim Tran page 65
Fighting for Social Change WIth Film w/ Lan Nguyen 1990s-2000s by David Dang page 71
Boba Shop Blues  2019 by Redmond Minh page 76
International Adoption As A Tool of Imperialism 1997-2019 by Hua Zhenyang page 83
May Lee: International Broadcast Journalist  1980-2019      by Nancy Guan page 89


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  1. I would like to order the 50th Anniversary print and more. How do I order?

    Leda Ramos
    Faculty Lecturer
    Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies Department
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