Gidra’s Major Media Campaigns

By Gidra Collective

First of all, Gidra has a horizontal hierarchy when it comes to contributors. As long as you follow Gidra’s mission statement and core values, our editorial board is very light touch. We mostly fact check and copy edit for clarity.

  1. How do we choose issues for our major media campaigns?
  2. What do we mean by major media campaigns?
  3. What are our major media campaigns?

We choose Asian American issues that are not getting enough attention or the wrong kind attention. We welcome contributors to start their own major campaigns on Gidra. But please remember these campaigns are long term, multi-prong, multi-disciplinary, multi-platform, action oriented, and exhaustive. You have to follow through with your campaign and actions. Otherwise, don’t bother. You’re welcome to contribute an article, opinion piece, art, or video. Gidra’s major media campaigns are supposed to be relentless. In other words, when someone does great harm to an Asian person or group of Asians, they should become concerned that Gidra will launch a major media campaign against them.

These are our major media campaigns and the reasons we chose them.

Gentrification in Los Angeles Chinatown. Low income residents of Chinatown do not get enough attention or resources to battle gentrification. To add insult to injury, L.A. City officials and council members don’t take the demands of elderly Chinese and Asian seniors seriously. The city does not care about old, poor Asians. We want to highlight these issues, provide support and resources where we can, and send a bigger message to L.A City and elected officials, that affluent, educated, and very vocal Asian Americans from all over Los Angeles will come for them. We want the city to respect and answer to the collective political power of Asian Americans.

Anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise and it isn’t getting enough coverage. Anti-Chinese sentiment is Anti-Asian sentiment. Gidra is a multigenerational group of Asian Americans. Our elder members are the OG Asian American activists from the 1960s. Some went on to establish Asian American studies departments and contributed to the first textbooks for Asian American studies. Some of us grew up during the 1970s and 1980s and remember the mortal consequences for Asian Americans because of Anti-Japanese sentiments. We want to teach our youngest members, most are college students from UCLA and USC, how to identify and combat Anti-Asian sentiment. We will use Vincent Chin’s model as the long arm of Asian American justice for victims of anti-Asian hate crimes. Chin’s estate and legacy are still going strong after 37 years.

George Tyndall and all those who were complicit at USC. Over 650 victims/survivors have come forward. There are over 100 lawsuits and more pending. Tyndall, who has been stripped of his license to practice medicine, specifically targeted Asian girls and women. We understand that non-Asian girls and women were targeted as well. However, Tyndall openly bragged about targeting Asian girls and women, especially international students because of their limited English skills and lack of knowledge about how things work in America. One of our protest art projects for the Tyndall case is “30 Years of Silence: 30 Years of Stories”. We’re not joking when we say that our media campaigns are for the long term. We also want Tyndall and all the Tyndalls of the world to know that powerful Asian Americans who speak English and know how things work in America are watching them and there will be consequences. We will not relent until all their names are ash.

If you’re upset that we didn’t choose an issue that’s important to you. Good. Then become angry enough to do something about it. Go back and re-read our post. Can you commit to a long term plan and stick to it for a Gidra Major Media Campaign? You can start by submitting articles, art, blog posts, videos, and zines. Once you have submitted enough content, they can be aggregated into a campaign with more future content. You will also need to demonstrate an action plan. Our Major Media Campaigns are also very action oriented. You have to commit at every level. You can also research other Asian American organizations that already do something about an issue that you’re passionate about and support them. We chose these issues because we feel that not enough is being done about them or organizations that are doing something need additional support. We feel that we bring fresh perspectives, unique skill sets, and can contribute to the larger discussion and movement. Feel free to comment.

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