Coast to Coast Chinatowns Against Displacement: March 26, L.A. Chinatown is Not for Sale March and Rally

By Gidra Media

Many thanks to and Chinatown residents for welcoming Gidra staff to the march and rally. We were honored to document the protest with lots of photos, videos, and gathering of collective memory.

We were tempted to write a heartwarming testament to the power of community organizing. Instead, we’re opting for an initial informal write up about the fun and camaraderie at the march and rally.

We talked shit and trash talked. By the way, Gidra staff is available for sit-ins at gentrifying businesses. We have bullhorns, will travel. We will stand on street corners and berate gentrifiers.

Inquilinos Unidos de Cinco Puntos, 5 points. (Inquilinos is a laborer indebted to a landlord). We joked that councilman Gilbert Cedillo is “uno puto”, “a fucker”. And a chingadera “fucking thing” or “useless fucking thing” that needs to be taken from office and tossed to the curb in front of College Station. Uno puto is basura.

Old friends and neighbors in the same building. She put rabbit ears behind the young community organizer’s head.

Never too young to make a pun about greedy landlord, Ken Wong, being Ken Wrong.

The speeches were translated in situ into Chinese and Spanish. Not always an easy task. Words sometimes came to a screeching halt and lots of laughter. There were signs in Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese too. “Chinos y Latinos Unidos”

As we took over the streets of Chinatown, we found a lot of support from drivers who honked and raised their fists in solidarity. But one man flipped us off and a couple of us flipped him off back and screamed “What did you just fucking do? You flipped us off? Fuck you!” Another driver sped past us a little too fast, we screamed at him too. We chanted in Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, and English. One of us said, “They’re going to hear from us in Korean too! 개새끼! (Sons of bitches).”

We laughed. We expressed outrage at being mistreated by developers, landlords, and the city. We celebrated our victories with great joy, pride, and exuberance. United we win! It rained too.


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  1. Great to have Gidra back! Thanks for the article, loved the informal style and how it captured what we felt as we marched through Chinatown. Keep up the good work, let all of us in Chinatown know how we can support the new Gridra.

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