May 26, 2019 Chinatown is Not for Sale, March and Rally Videos

By Gidra Staff

More videos, photos, and synopses coming soon.

Video credits: Susan P

Photo credits: Bryan S, Sophat P, CCED

There was much camaraderie, empathy, and love at the march and rally to declare that “Chinatown is Not for Sale”. The event was multigenerational, multiethnic, and multilingual. The youth leaders were electrifying. They made sure to give space for the elders to speak. The elders held space at the front of the march and set the pace and tone for the rest to follow.

Many of the youth leaders are past participants of Asian American Activist camp at the Pilipino Workers Center. Asian American Activism is strongly rooted in labor movements and union organizing.

API communities also do a great deal of Pan-Asian and cross cultural outreach. The Pilipino Workers Center formed in 1997 with the sponsorship of KIWA (Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance). Today, KIWA assists Hispanic/Latinx residents of Koreatown. The Little Tokyo Service Center and KIWA’s joint efforts helped open Casa Yonde, a 52 unit green affordable housing unit in Koreatown.

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