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Update 1/23/2020

Click here for the beginnings of our anti-war and anti-imperialism kit

Update on 1/18/2020

Members of Gidra are also members of Progressive Asian Network for Action. The coalition is growing. Asian American anti-war progressives have been coalition building for decades.

Retired army colonel, Lawrence Wilkerson doesn’t hold back. He calls bullshit on Trump’s strategic move that was made without any strategy except to line the coffers of America’s defense industry. Follow the money. Stock prices are surging for American defense contractors.

The Gidra Collective is Organizing a broad and diverse coalition to create a massive anti-war movement.

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Netanyahu and Trump failed to garner international support. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want war with Iran and neither does any other Arab state. The EU gave a hard no to Trump. China supports Iran. Asian countries will not support Trump against Iran.

The U.S. has no winnable war with Iran. The U.S. has no winnable strategy in a land war against Iran. There is no path to victory for the U.S. and Israel in a war against Iran. It would be a borderless war with Greater Iran and Iranian proxies.

If the U.S. and Israel keep inciting Iran, they will be increasingly be viewed as rogue states.

New world order.

Dubya Bush operated like the United States still had endless unipolar power. Trump is an even madder man extension of this. At a certain point, it’s narcissistic to solely talk about the decline of America itself and its decline in the world order. The reality is that other countries have progressed and advanced at the same time as America has declined. There is a new world order economically and militarily. We’re in a multipolar power world now. Half the top ten military powers are not western. Sixteen out of the top 25 military powers are not western. 

Some countries that are competitive with America economically and militarily have accomplished this while maintaining public infrastructure and education. America’s NUMBER ONE NUMBER ONE accomplishments have been at the detriment of other vital needs.

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The New Anti-War Movement

Stop America’s Endless Wars

Demand Diplomacy and Peace


America’s endless wars are connected to so much damage: 1) dependence on fossil fuels to serve corporate interests; 2) exacerbates climate change which also exacerbates conflict; 3) loss of human life, mass murder, and genocide; 4) efugee crises; 5) militarization of American law enforcement (used or surplus military equipment has to go somewhere), which effects Black Americans the most; 6) inciting small scale violent conflicts all over the world (used or surplus military equipment has to go somewhere); 7) criminilzation and deportation of American citizens and residents; and  8) class based recruitment that damages working class communities. Furthermore, lopsided federal spending has damaged America domestically in many ways. Our infrastructure is decaying. The American Society of Civil Engineers has given America’s infrastructure a D+ in successive studies and reports. We are not prepared for disasters at home, while courting disasters abroad. Trump was told by the American Chamber of Commerce to make the Defense Industry his number one priority. The Defense industry is looting American public tax dollars at the expense of goods and services that Americans need.

Committee Goals

  1. Diverse coalition building to encourage the political ecology required for a massive anti-war movement.
  2. Strategic protests locally and nationally
  3. Anti-War Phone banking to elected officials (particularly the senate and congress).
  4. Create and disseminate anti-war literature, zines, and event kits.
  5. Fight investigations and criminalization of people who are from a country that America is at war with.
  6. Create and disseminate anti-war visuals and art including memes, posters, protest signs, videos, and short films.
  7. Engage high school and college students.
  8. Follow the money: Which companies profit from war? Protest and boycott these companies.
  9. Which elected officials promote war? Who donates to them to promote war? Create campaigns against these elected officials. Protest and boycott these companies.
  10. Create an anti-war think tank.
  11. Create a liaison to address policy makers and legislators with our concerns and demands.

Sample literature

Overview of U.S.-Iran

A nuclear option is not an option. Iran is allies with China and Russia. The only option is diplomatic and Iran has diplomatic relations all over the world. Iran can be negotiated with. China, Russia, and The European Union all want to move away from the unipolar power of the Petrodollar (an agreement between Nixon  in 1974 with Saudi Arabia to sell oil only in dollars, the remaining OPEC countries agreed in 1975). 

In the face of U.S. sanctions, Iran and other countries began exploring alternative avenues. In 2003,  Iran began selling oil in Euros (petroeuro). In 2019, The European Union set up INSTEX, a trade channel with Iran. China, Iran’s largest trading partner, would like to see a globally stronger Yuan. 

The European Union, Saudia Arabia and the remaining Arab States, China, Russia, and the rest of the world do not want an American war with Iran.

The U.S. has no allies, except Israel, in a war with Iran. Iran has many allies. Some of them are soft allies, others are in the shadows. The U.S. loses land wars in Asia. A war with Iran would be borderless. There is Greater Iran and Iranian proxies. There is Iranian cultural influence and Shiite religious influence. Iran has many arms to fight an asymmetrical war of insurgencies against the U.S.  World War II ended 75 years ago and America’s military might and strategies have failed to adapt. 

The point of America’s endless wars are to create regional instability to further America’s neoconservative, neoliberal, corporatist, and non-profit vultures of capitalism. A new world order and military order has emerged since WW II and U.S. foreign policy still behaves like a unipolar power in a multipolar power world. Half the world’s top ten military powers are not Western. Sixteen out of the top twenty-five military powers are not Western. The U.S. doesn’t even have Western allies in a war with Iran.

A borderless war puts American soldiers in even more danger. The U.S. cannot loot Iran like Iraq and Afghanistan. The cost of the war would be an extreme financial burden on America with no return. It would financially ruin the U.S. The U.S. is in late stages of British Empire. Financially tapped out. 

Iran is not as isolated as the American media and Neocons like to frame it as. U.S. led economic sanctions have worked and not worked. Iran’s main trading partners are China, The United Arab Emirates, and The European Union. 

Iran is a relatively unified country. Almost all Iranians are Shi’a. It is not easy to incite sectarian discord in Iran like in Iraq and Syria. Yes, there is dissent within. But it will fizzle out if a war with America happens. Iranians and Iranian-Americans are some of the most highly educated people in the world. They have held their geopolitical space for over 2000 years. Trump is not going to be the end of them.

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