Open Letter to Dr. Sarah Van Orman About George Tyndall, Serial predator of Asian Girls and Women

Gidra Media sent Dr. Van Orman the following email on May 17, 2019. Van Orman has not responded.

Hello Dr. Van Orman,

I’m writing an article about Dr. Tyndall and how he targeted Asian students and Chinese international students. My name is Tiffanie Ma and I’m pitching my story to the LA Times because I don’t think that Matt Hamilton did an adequate job of highlighting the Asian girls and women that Tyndall targeted.

I also found an article quoting you. I am taken aback, nay, quite shocked at your dismissal of Asian girls and women who were sexually abused by Dr. Tyndall. Let me be clear about this: Tyndall was a serial sexual predator and serial sex offender. He spent decades preying on Asian girls and women, even making multiple trips to the Philippines. What more proof do you need than a confession by the man himself that he targeted Chinese international students?

Furthermore, Tyndall bragged about understanding “Asian culture” well enough to violate Asian girls and women in his exam office at USC. The elephant in the room is that Tyndall understood USC’s culture of secrecy and complicity to abuse Asian girls and women for almost three decades.

By erasing and casually brushing aside Asian girls and women who were victims/survivors of Tyndall, you are propping up the very patriarchy that left Tyndall unfettered for almost three decades to have his way in his dungeon exam room. The scenes of abuse evoked by the Chinese international students I spoke to are positively Medieval. Were you counting on these Asian students to not speak English well enough to find your words of dismissal? Complicity is violence. Silence is violence. Erasure is another rape. 
I’m sure that you consider yourself a feminist. You’re behaving like a white corporate feminist. You don’t care about women. You care about your titles and positions. You want to be adjacent to white supremacist men in order to usurp their patriarchal positions and perpetuate their oppression of women of color.
You’re all these things or you’re not even doing your job. Which is it?
Please respond to my email justifying your quote. 
Have a nice day,
Tiffanie Ma
Dr. Sarah Van Orman, the associate vice provost for student affairs and chief student health officer at Engemann, said it doesn’t appear that Tyndall targeted Asian or Chinese students. “We certainly know that that has raised a lot of concerns among Chinese students … It’s a good opportunity for us to look at how we’re taking care of the Chinese students.”

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