Open Letter to Yashar Ali, Insufferable “Male Ally”

This letter was cordially dropped in Yashar’s inbox on May 18, 2019, in reference to tweets he posted disparaging actress Constance Wu. We’re tired of preening male “ally” liberals spouting feminist/woke talking points and encouraging dogpiles against women of color for clout. We’re also tired of overblown reactions to the anger of Asian women.

Hi Yashar,

The first time I happened upon your work was in 2011, when you wrote about gaslighting and “Why Women Aren’t Crazy”. That was a tremendously influential piece for me, a mere teenager at the time, and helped me begin to understand the misogynistic mind games patriarchy plays on young women. 
That’s why it’s particularly disgusting that you’ve chosen to weaponize the same tropes you wrote about all those years ago to slander Constance Wu as “petty” and “ungrateful”. What the fuck is wrong with you? When I saw you were tweeting those words, I wondered what had happened to the man who, just a few years prior, had so eloquently written about how such words are used to cut women down, discredit their reputations, and invalidate their real experiences.

Then it hit me: You never actually gave a shit. You, like so many other “good men”, are only in the business of challenging patriarchy when it will get you clicks and clout. But you won’t hesitate to shoot down women with the exact same tools just to ride the wave on the controversy of the day, will you? 

I wonder if your misogyny would have jumped out so easily if Constance had not been an Asian woman, obligated to certain tropes of respectability and silence. Did it bother you that she was exhibiting emotions that you think she is not allowed to have? 

Gutlessly deleting the offending tweets doesn’t change the fact that, when push came to shove, you revealed that you are no true ally of Asian women, and that your pathetic hide matters more than the struggle for collective liberation. 

Thanks for the lessons, but fuck you, Yashar. 


Lynn Wang
The Return of Gidra

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