Open Letter to Wanda Austin (Interim President at USC) and Carol Folt (President Elect, July 1, 2019)

We demand criminal charges be filed against George Tyndall

By Gidra Media,

This is an email we sent to Wanda Austin and Carol Folt today.

Dear Interim president Wanda Austin and president elect Carol Folt,
Gidra Media and Asian Americans in Los Angeles demand that you push the district attorney’s office to press criminal charges against George Tyndall. UCLA was swift to demand the LAPD and the district attorney’s office press criminal sexual battery charges against Dr. James Mason Heaps, a former UCLA hospital gynecologist. 

Why has USC refused to do the same? Is it because Jackie Lacey is a USC graduate who would rather participate in white patriarchy than confront it at its most vile moments? It takes more than one person to cover-up. While Tyndall claims to have targeted Asian girls and young Asian women because of our “culture”; the fact remains that he carried out his vile, sexually depraved acts at USC, an institution of white male power, where he made his salacious appetite for vulnerable Asian girls well known to fellow staff members. Is it because you both believe that Asians and Asian Americans will allow you to sweep our girls under the rug?

We’re simply not going to let this happen. We will not stand idle as a man who is a public safety issue for Asian girls and young Asian women is allowed to roam free. His depraved acts were not limited to those housed at USC. He is a predator at large. By his own admission he has been a serial sexual predator of Asian girls and young Asian women for decades, even before he was hired by USC. Tyndall also spoke glowingly about USC’s “culture”. A “culture” that still allows him to remain free to prey on Asian girls and young Asian women in the public at large.

There is no elite university in America that can thrive without a critical mass of Asian American students and Asian International students. The bodies of our young girls and women may not matter to you; but our brains, minds, and tuition dollars do. Don’t flatter yourselves, we’re not saying that USC is actually an elite institution. 

So far, USC’s handling of Tyndall’s case has been like the aesthetics of USC’s campus and USC Village: fauxchitecture. A wanna be elite institution with laughably cheesy design like a cartoon version of Ivy League schools. At a cost of $700 million to build, you didn’t even bother with real bricks for the Village. You painted on bricks. So cheap. You have some world class professors and students. However, overall, you’re a B-/C+ school. You even let D-/F+ students like the Loughlin sisters buy their way in. Embarrassing.

We will not rest until Tyndall’s name and the names of all those who were and continue to be complicit are in ashes. We at Gidra are multi-lingual. We are polyglots. We will continue to publish in English, Indian languages, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. That should cover the primary sources of your Asian international students. You will sorely miss those inflated tuition dollars.

We will post about Tyndall on college boards, Asian American community organizations, and anywhere else we see fit. We will email Asian tutoring and test prep centers allover California. We will not rest until criminal charges have been filed against Tyndall and he is in jail. His punishment must be proportionate to the punishment he doled out for almost THREE DECADES to HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of women.

USC will see a permanent decline in Asian American and Asian International student enrollment. There is no elite institution of higher learning in America that can thrive without a critical mass of Asian students. Good luck. USC will bear the full cost of Tyndall’s impunity. 

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