Asian American History Mapping Project

Please email us if you want a printable PDF copy of any of our materials gidrareturns AT gmail DOT com. We’d like to know who is interested in using our work and we’d like a little credit for our labor.

Our first map is of Filipino history in the Americas. Asian American history cannot be understood with the founding of the United States as a nation independent of Great Britain. The American empire is an extension of British empire. There were also asset transfers from the Spanish colonial empire when the Spanish lost the Spanish-American war.

Asian American history is also informed by imperialist attacks, proxy wars by superpowers, and fights for independence from colonial occupiers in Asian countries. Asian bodies were and still are part of the global trade in racialized labor. We explore the why of migration and the larger events surrounding a specific point in history.

History is not linear. It is a confluence, a web of events and players that descend upon an event, a moment, or a person. History is a lot of moving parts with varying degrees of velocity. There is always more to say about history. There are always new questions to ask about a historical moment and new players to center.