University of Southern California gynaecologist accused of groping student as he told her ‘Taiwan ob-gyn doctors have fun with girls’

By Tiffanie Ma

Dr. George Tyndall had an Asian fetish that is largely buried by mainstream media. Will this ignite another generation of Asian American activists?

It was the summer of 1989, Tyndall arrived on USC’s campus and enthusiastically declared during his job interview, “My mission will be to do everything I can to help Trojan women avoid the many preventable catastrophes that I have seen.” He set his tenure goals ambitiously. He wanted to work as a gynecologist at USC well into his 80’s. Little did anyone suspect how forebodingly salacious his statements were.

It is still unclear how many students Dr. Tyndall sexually abused during his three decade career as USC’s first and only full time gynecologist for students. The legal case against Tyndall began with a few dozen accusations. Over 650 girls and women have come forward since. Who knows how many more will come forward? Tyndall’s cases was the largest ever single subject sex crime investigation by the LAPD. Police found a trove of nude photos in storage.

Tyndall was in his mid 40’s and
his wife was in her late teens or very early 20’s, i.e. college age

Tyndall had an Asian fetish that his colleagues found perverse. He even uses the word “solicitousness” like he was a John looking for a prostitute. Tyndall loved role playing. He had a side hustle as a boudoir photographer. He posted dozens and dozens of ads in print publications. The police found a trove of nude photos in storage. Yes, we’re thinking what you’re thinking, “What kind of freak still has printed copies?”

“It caused jealousy among medical assistants” points to a larger rape culture and a culture of complicity. Tyndall was so brazen about his solicitations that his colleagues knew. USC’s disastrous track record with scandals reveal one silo after another of complicity.

While USC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars aggressively recruiting Chinese international students, the school only had one Chinese speaking health specialist. According to USC students and the L.A. Times, Tyndall often targeted Asian students, in particular Chinese international students with limited English skills and little knowledge of American norms. Furthermore, the girls and young women were far from home. Their parents assumed that USC would be a safe place for their daughters.

USC’s health center and USC at large absolutely failed Tyndall’s victims for almost 30 years. Despited Tyndall’s confession to a journalist and complaints by numerous Asian students, USC continues to lie, “Dr. Sarah Van Orman, the associate vice provost for student affairs and chief student health officer at Engemann, said it doesn’t appear that Tyndall targeted Asian or Chinese students. “We certainly know that that has raised a lot of concerns among Chinese students … It’s a good opportunity for us to look at how we’re taking care of the Chinese students.”

USC leads the country in International Student attendance. Almost 25% of undergraduate students with China leading the way with about 5500 students. The top four countries of origin for international students are Asian with India, South Korea, and Taiwan rounding out the top spots. These students pay international tuition rates for reduced services and hollow support.

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