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Update: We were told about another option for media mail that will be faster. Thank you for your patience.

This is for Gidra subscribers. Sorry for the delayed update. 
I’ll start with the good news first. The second print issue is really good. The theme is Asian Americans and Blackness in America. It’s been 99.9% ready since the first of March. I wrote this a few weeks ago.

There’s been a lot to process these past few weeks. The 2nd print issue of Gidra has been ready for print since March 15th. We haven’t been able to get to the post office yet. There are limits on media mail on site. They only accept 10 envelopes at a time. We’re going to use an online service to print the media mail postage. But this requires us to order special labels from the company (that’s how they turn a profit) and a volunteer or two to input shipping labels information. 
A few of you haven’t gotten your first issue yet for several reasons 1) Shipment was lost in the mail 2) You placed your order late. Don’t worry, we will send you a copy of the first issue as well. 
We’re trying our best. But I also had to close my restaurant (Revolutionario North African Tacos and turn it into a food bank). Don’t worry. It’s okay. I established two nonprofits on February 28, 2020.

Please visit this fundraiser to find out more about what we’ve been doing in Los Angeles. https://www.gofundme.com/f/covid19-mutual-aid-network-api-la donate and share if you want to. we have the largest Asian food specific food bank in a fully licensed and insured commercial kitchen in  LA right now. We currently provide assistance to 1500 folx. But that number will grow dramatically soon. We also provide housing rights information and services.
We’ll get the print issues out to you as soon as we can. And we’re working on the third issue. The theme has changed. It’s “Asian American in The Time of Covid-19 Shock Crisis”. Let me know if you want to submit a piece.

Thank you

All the bestSusan Park and the Gidra Collective.

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