Why does USC oppose AB 1510? Is It To Bury Dr. Tyndall’s Alleged Sex Crimes Against Asian Students (girls and women)?

Tiffanie Ma

When I write about Tyndall, I will repeat every single time that George Tyndall is a serial sexual predator of Asian women.

The organizers for the rally were Alec Vandenberg, Mai Mizuno (the survivor sharing her testimonial), Nathaniel Hyman, Shane Ebadi, Michaela Murphy, Alexander Kriksciun, Jessica O’Conners, Katie Thanos, and Matthew Lee

Statement by Trojan Advocates for Political Progress, a progressive student organization at USC.

“USC students rallied, organized and protested against USC’s opposition to AB 1510, symbolizing USC’s latest attempt to silence survivors and evade justice. Survivors shared their stories, we called the Capitol and USC to lobby for the bill and we staged a silent sit in on Trousdale to demand the following:

1) USC terminates its relationship with Nielsen Merksamer Parrinello Gross & Leoni LLP, effective immediately.

2) Institution-wide promotion of RSVP services.

3) USC Administration will match the amount of money spent on lobbying against AB 1510 and use it to fund RSVP.

4) A statement from the Office of the President regarding the allegations against Dr. Kelly.

5) A public apology to survivors of Dr. Tyndall and Dr. Kelly for the actions of USC in their choice to oppose AB 1510.

Our demands were loud and clear but to date our university’s response has been noncommittal and insulting. To achieve true justice, we must keep up the pressure by:

Finding and contacting your California state legislators to urge them to vote yes on AB 1510: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/
Calling and emailing the USC President’s office to signal your support for the demands above: president@usc.edu; (213) 740-2111

Sharing this post to reach more students and to spread the word

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/DTcoverage

Video filmed and edited by: Matthew Lee

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